One Stop Hair Salon and Spa in Cary, NC

When Shamim Sheikh opened her hair salon and beauty spa based in Chatham Square in Cary in 2000, her mission was to provide quality beauty services at affordable price. Since then, we have persisted in our mission and the results are abundantly clear. In order to gauge our success, check out reviews from satisfied customers HERE. In addition to Cary, our clientele has grown to cover the entire Triangle area and beyond.

Based on demands, we have added to our existing services. To see a full list of our services, please click HERE.

A young woman displaying hair style after receiving hair service at a salon
Client showing hair after receiving an updo service

Hair Salon services

Our hair salon services include hair cut for women, men and children; women’s layered hairstyle; hair color/dying; highlights; blow dry; perm; body wave; up-dos; deep conditioning; oil massage; and more.

A young woman displaying smooth, hairless legs and arms.


In addition to hair services, we provide hair removal services, including waxing service for women and men. We offer waxing for arms, legs, back, stomach, and underarms. Moreover, we offer full body, bikini and Brazilian waxing services.


When we started our hair salon and spa in Cary in 2000, we were one of the first business to offer threading for hair removal. This is a popular service for shaping and removing unwanted hair from eyebrows. In addition, threading can be used for nose, upper lip, chin, sides and full face.

Client receiving facial mask treatment at Shamim Beauty Parlor


Facial is a popular hair removal service for the face offered by Shamim hair salon and spa in Cary. Like other services, we offer facial for men and women. This service includes cleansing, bleaching and polishing services.


A minimally invasive procedure, microdermabrasion offers renewal of tone and texture. Among many benefits, it improves and diminishes sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and scarring. It offers a brighter complexion, helps boost collagen and skin tone.

Wedding and Party Makeup

Utilizing over 30 years of service in beauty industry, we offer comprehensive makeup service for weddings and parties. All our services – hair, facial, waxing, threading – are at your disposal to offer you the best makeup for your event.

For all of these services, we believe in consultation and communication with our clients, in order to provide satisfactory service. Please email us or call at 919-465-0063 to learn more.

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