Triangle Area Resources

During the nearly two decades of service in the Triangle area of North Carolina, our clients and patron have requested wide-range of information. Do we have recommendations for wedding planners and photographers? Which local boutique do we recommend for clothes and shoes? This inspired us to create a list of these services on our website. While we are an independent salon and spa, we are definitely not in the business of reviewing other businesses or offering an expert opinion. Our goal is to highlight locally-owned businesses with whom we have interacted.

In addition, we thought to add additional resources of interest to women and families. Since we are dedicated to promoting women’s health and well being, we want to highlight yoga and dance classes, and other recreation activities.

Shamim Beauty Parlor is a woman-owned business. Therefore, it is natural that we prioritize promoting other women-owned businesses. As a result, we have compiled the following list of local resources that may interest you and your friends. These businesses are listed in an alphabetical order and do not imply our preference. If you feel that your business or service could be highlighted on our website then do contact us at

Wedding Venues/Event Planners


Dance and Yoga