Custom facials tailored to every skin type based on each individual’s desires and needs. Arrive on Earth; leave in Heaven.


Spa therapy for young woman receiving facial mask at beauty salon - indoors

Signature Whitening Facial:

The best natural treatment for glowing and smoother skin with instant results. For blemishes and dark aging spots, results will be seen gradually. Removes tan quickly. Price $55


Basic Mini:

A mini facial includes cleansing, massage & mask. 30 minutes. Price $30


Shenaz Herbal:

Includes cleansing, steaming, extractions, massage and a mask all designed for specific skin styles. Price $40


Shenaz Gold:

Includes all of the above using gold products along with aromatherapy essential oils. Price $45


Men’s Facial:

We offer special facial services for men. Price $50


Deep Cleansing:

Treatment designed for problematic skin using high frequency to help remove impurities while using a clay mask to reduce inflammation. 60 minutes. Price $55


Skin Polishing:

Exfoliating treatment for cell regeneration to improve skin tone and texture. Price $25


Back Cleansing:

Treating the back with cleansing, steaming, a massage to relax and mask to soothe for the much neglected area. Price $40


Facial Hair Bleaching:

Price $20


Underarm Bleaching:

To help correct darkening of the area due to shaving and waxing. Price $10