Find the most affordable designer haircuts and color services in the Triangle. The following are the minimum charges. Final charges will depend on hair length.


Cary,  North Carolina , based Shamim Beauty Spa and Salon specializes in effective hair removal and offers a variety of beauty services at affordable prices, including waxing, threading, facials, and henna tattoos. When we started our business, we were one of earliest South Asian beauty spa and salon in Cary, Raleigh and Morrisville area! We are proud to serve residents from Sedgefield, Highcroft Village, Amberly, Preston Village and other neighboring areas. Over the years, we have attracted patrons of all backgrounds from cities as far as Chapel Hill, Durham, High Point and Greensboro. The name, "Shamim"  is of Indian origin, meaning "fire," which represents our passion for beauty. Shamim believes everyone is already beautiful the way they are on the outside; her salon services are designed to raise confidence for beauty on the inside. We specialize in diverse beauty services ranging from hair removal, waxing, threading, facials, and henna tattoos. Additional services include designer hair styling with one-on-one consultation and services.  Our hair-styling services include ladies hair trim, ladies hair layers, ladies style, men's & kids' haircut, color touch-up, color full, highlights, blow-dry, perm, body wave, straightening, up-dos, deep conditioning, oil massage and henna. We provide trimming for eyebrows, upper lips, chin, forehead, full face,  and neck. We provide waxing for arms, legs, underarm, bikini, Brazilian, back,  and full-body waxing. Our facial services include signature whitening, Shenaz herbal, men's facial, deep cleansing, skin polishing, back cleansing, facial hair bleaching and underarm bleaching.  Shamim Beauty Parlor is excited to add an additional service of 3-D eyebrow shaping for light eyebrows! Our professional 3-D eyebrow shaping service includes tint to meet your needs! We offer extensive party make-up for any occasion. We have 24 years of experience in beauty and cosmetic services. Shamim Beauty Parlor offers soothing and gorgeous ambiance, coupled with superb personal care!

Ladies Hair Trim:

$15 & up


Ladies Hair Layers:

$25 & up


Ladies Style:

$25 & up


Men’s and kids’ haircut:



Color touch-up:



*Color full:

$50 and up



$50 and up



$25 & up



$60 and up


*Body wave:

$50 and up



$65 and up



$30 & up


Deep Conditioning:

Hair mask used for damaged hair due to chemicals or sun’s UV rays. $20 & up


Oil Massage:

Hot oil used for treating dry and brittle hair. $20 and up



Used for covering grey hair or conditioning applied with a brush in precision. $20 and up


* Depends on length






Hair Styling:

Since ancient civilization, human have been preoccupied and fascinated by hairstyling. The oldest depiction of this art date back about 30,000 years. In ancient civilizations, women’s hair was often elaborately and carefully dressed in special ways. There have been tremendous changes in this art form over the years.

Hair Styling at Shamim Spa and Salon:

Shamim Spa and Salon offer the most affordable designer haircuts and color services in the Triangle. These include trims, color touch-ups, blow-drying, perm, straightening, oil-massage and deep conditioning. To learn about the full range of our services, click here.