Shamim Beauty Parlor Renovation

Shamim Beauty Parlor in Cary NC undergoes renovation and redesign

When Shamim Beauty Parlor was run into a vehicle in October 2020, we were not sure how/whether to re-open the business. Since then, we have received tremendous community support and solidarity. Encouraged by this community support Shamim Beauty Palor team decided on a renovation project and re-launch our business with a new look and energy. We have completely transformed the interior of Shamim Beauty Parlor with the new wall color, hard-wood floor, decorations, modified services, and much more!

We will be excited to serve you at the re-designed Shamim’s Spa and Salon! We are sure you will love Shamim Beauty Parlor’s new look after the month’s long renovation. Since 2000, Shamim Beauty Parlor has been offering quality hair and beauty services to our clients at a reasonable price. We have attracted clients from Cary/Raleigh and even beyond the Triangle Area of North Carolina. We are dedicated to continuing offering the best in beauty services to our patrons.

Check out our awesome hair salon, waxing, facials, threading, #microderm services in an awesome new and serene ambiance! You can read our extensive reviews on Google Yelp, Facebook, Yellow Pages, and other sites HERE.

We are accepting appointments only (no walk-in). Make your appointment today below, or call us at (919) 465-0063.

One Stop Hair Salon and Spa in Cary, NC

A women displays her hair after receiving service at a salon

When Shamim Sheikh opened her hair salon and beauty spa based in Chatham Square in Cary in 2000, her mission was to provide quality beauty services at affordable price. Since then, we have persisted in our mission and the results are abundantly clear. In order to gauge our success, check out reviews from satisfied customers HERE. In addition to Cary, our clientele has grown to cover the entire Triangle area and beyond.

Based on demands, we have added to our existing services. To see a full list of our services, please click HERE.

A young woman displaying hair style after receiving hair service at a salon
Client showing hair after receiving an updo service

Hair Salon services

Our hair salon services include hair cut for women, men and children; women’s layered hairstyle; hair color/dying; highlights; blow dry; perm; body wave; up-dos; deep conditioning; oil massage; and more.

A young woman displaying smooth, hairless legs and arms.


In addition to hair services, we provide hair removal services, including waxing service for women and men. We offer waxing for arms, legs, back, stomach, and underarms. Moreover, we offer full body, bikini and Brazilian waxing services.


When we started our hair salon and spa in Cary in 2000, we were one of the first business to offer threading for hair removal. This is a popular service for shaping and removing unwanted hair from eyebrows. In addition, threading can be used for nose, upper lip, chin, sides and full face.

Client receiving facial mask treatment at Shamim Beauty Parlor


Facial is a popular hair removal service for the face offered by Shamim hair salon and spa in Cary. Like other services, we offer facial for men and women. This service includes cleansing, bleaching and polishing services.


A minimally invasive procedure, microdermabrasion offers renewal of tone and texture. Among many benefits, it improves and diminishes sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and scarring. It offers a brighter complexion, helps boost collagen and skin tone.

Wedding and Party Makeup

Utilizing over 30 years of service in beauty industry, we offer comprehensive makeup service for weddings and parties. All our services – hair, facial, waxing, threading – are at your disposal to offer you the best makeup for your event.

For all of these services, we believe in consultation and communication with our clients, in order to provide satisfactory service. Please email us or call at 919-465-0063 to learn more.

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Happy Fourth of July

Young woman celebrate Fourth of July

On the Fourth of July, Shamim Beauty Parlor wishes you have a wonderful celebration with family and friends! We will be open during the Fourth of July holiday weekend. Stop by for your beauty needs!

In the wake of COVID-19, we are following city and state guidelines. For your and our protection, we are no longer taking walk-in appointments. Please make an appointment for hair, waxing, facial or threading below. Based on state guidelines, please wear a mask when you arrive at the salon. We are dedicated to providing quality services while following health and safety protocols. For any questions, call us at 919-465-0063 or email us at

Young woman celebrate Fourth of July holiday.


During this summer, we will continue our promotion that offers one-time 10% discount if you place an online review.

You can review us at the following sites or other online sites.




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  • Email us at to learn more or redeem your discount.

Please do check our website for updates.

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Everything you Need to Know about Microdermabrasion

A woman receiving microdermabrasion service

Amongst many services for skin care services, microdermabrasion is one of the best! A minimally invasive procedure, this technique exfoliates and removes the superficial layer of dry, dead skin cells. Some of the goals of microdermabrasion include making a person’s complexion smoother, brighter, and more even in color. If you are curious about how this procedure works – microdermabrasion machines can buff and polish the skin using a stream of fine crystals or a diamond tip.

Woman recieing microdemabrasion service
Microdermabrasion is a minimally invasive procedure for skin care.

How can this procedure help me?

This procedure is recommended for the following:

  • dullness in the complexion
  • uneven skin tone
  • uneven skin texture
  • sun damage of skin
  • age spots and wrinkles
  • dark spots that can form after acne clears up
  • scars

How often should I receive this treatment?

How often you should get a microdermabrasion facial depends on your skincare needs. Clients with fine lines, uneven pigmentation or clogged pores may benefit most from a series of microdermabrasion treatments. We recommend that you schedule this treatment at 1-2 month intervals.

Stop by at Cary Salon and Spa to learn more

At Shamim Beauty Parlor, we are excited to offer individual microderm sessions or combine this procedure with regular facials. Based on your needs, we would also recommend you to schedule a series of a three individual sessions. Contact us today at 919-465-0063 to learn more!

Shamim Beauty Parlor is a Cary, NC, based beauty salon. With a mission to serve our community, we offer affordable and quality beauty services. In addition to hair services, we offer threadingwaxingfacial (including microdermabrasion) and bridal/party makeup services.
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Image of a tablet with online map, reviews and business listings icons

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Blog and Miscellaneous Posts

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An old but still relevant coverage of our Cary Hair Salon and Spa on IndyWeek. April 6, 2005.

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Stop by at Shamim Beauty Parlor Today!

Shamim Beauty Parlor is dedicated to providing you a quality services for HAIR, THREADING, FACIAL, and WAXING. Since your time is valuable, please consider making an appointment HERE. Do CONTACT US for consultation or any questions regarding your beauty needs.

Valentine’s Day 2020 Special

Romantic couple embracing each other

Shamim Beauty Parlor is excited to offer a special promotion for Valentine’s Day 2020. Hurry up, this promotion expires on Feb 14, 2020!

Women’s Layered Hairstyle: $20 (regular $25)

If you are interested to add volume, definition, and movement in your hair, then consider choosing this hairstyle. Our hairstylist cuts large chunks of hair in defined, yet uneven or asymmetrical proportions to create a blunt, edgy look.

Facial Service: $35 (regular $45)

Designed for specific skin types, this facial service includes cleansing, steaming, extractions, massage and a mask. On top, we include essential oils from aromatherapy in this facial service.

Signature Facial Treatment: $40 (regular $55)

If you are seeking glowing and smoother skin with instant results then you must choose Signature Facial Service. For blemishes and dark aging spots, results will be seen gradually. This treatment removes tan complexion quickly.

Full Body Waxing: $80 (Regular $100)

A favorite Valentine’s Day Special, we are excited to offer full body waxing! This includes removing hair from major parts of the body. These include, but not limited to, arms, legs, thighs, back, stomach, bikini waxing, underarms (optional), chest and neck.

  • Restrictions may apply.
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Book your appointment HERE.

Shamim Beauty Parlor is a Cary, NC, based salon and spa. Dedicated to serve our community, we offer affordable and quality beauty services. In addition to hair services, we offer threadingwaxingfacial and bridal/party makeup services.
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6 Things to Know about Eyebrow Threading

Woman with neatly threaded eyebrows

Eyebrow threading is an effective way for shaping and sculpting eyebrows, and removing unnecessary facial hair. While many people grapple with the question whether to choose this method for hair removal, we thought to guide you through this process. Here are six things to know about eyebrow threading:

  1. In contrast to waxing, or tweezing, which can be painful and imprecise, threading is considered one of the safest and most precise methods of hair removal, especially in the delicate areas surrounding the eye.
  2. This method utilizes a thread, which pulls and twists unwanted hair until lifting them from their follicles. This ensures a more effective removal of hair.
  3. Waxing pulls the hair out in a single direction, while threading removes hair in different directions. Hair grow slowly after threading as compared to hair removal by waxing. 
  4. In addition to hair removal, threading offers a more precise method to shape eyebrows based on your needs and desires. Some common shapes include arched, rounded, straight, tapered, s-shaped, and other shapes for your eyebrows.
  5. Threading is a good choice because it doesn’t use harmful products or artificial chemicals.
  6. Threading can be done on any part of your face. The most common hair that is threaded is the eyebrows but you can also thread your chin, upper lip, forehead, neck, middle brow, and the sides of your face.

Shamim Beauty Parlor is excited to offer threading, hair, waxing, facial and bridal/party makeup services.

You can make an appointment HERE.

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Woman receiving threading service to shape her eyebrows.
Threading offers a relatively painless and safe method for hair removal and shaping eyebrows.

Memorial Day Weekend Events in Cary, North Carolina

Memorial Day Weekend Cary

Shamim Beauty Parlor loves our patrons in Cary, North Carolina, and beyond! Therefore, we thought to provide you a list of Memorial Day Weekend events in Cary and beyond. This is just a partial list from website browsing. We are sure there are many more events, so don’t rely on this solely for weekend plans.

Raleigh’s Historic Oakwood Cemetery will organize a Memorial Day service on May 27th at 4pm. Learn more at their website below.

Learn about Memorial Day Remembrance event in Cary and multiple events during the holiday weekend, courtesy of a list compiled by and Tabletop Media Group. Some of the events are in Cary, but the rest are in different part of the Triangle. These events include Bond Park Adventure Day on May 25th, baseball game, movies, and concerts. In addition, check out a fascinating event titled Animazement. This is an annual three-day convention in Raleigh celebrating the brilliant Japanese visual art of anime! To sum up, the following is the most comprehensive list of Memorial weekend activities in Cary and the rest of the Triangle.

North Carolina Museum of History has a powerful exhibit of North Carolina during World War I that will conclude on the Memorial Day. Stop by to learn about this important history, if you are interested.

Are you a theater buff? Then check out Hello Dolly at the Durham Performing Arts Center, playing from May 23rd to May 26th.

Cary Booth Amphitheater features concerts, movies, and symphonies at their gorgeous venue in June and beyond. Check out their calendar below.

Are you interested to learn more about recreational events in the Triangle area and beyond? Then consider checking the following websites and blogs that provide a glimpse of what’s happening in Cary and the rest of the Triangle!

What Shamim Beauty Parlor has to offer?

At Shamim Beauty Spa and Hair Salon, we make magic and bring happiness in people’s lives everyday! How do we do that? We offer quality beauty services for men and women, ranging from hair stylingwaxingfacial, and threading services. We believe in a holistic model of beauty, therefore, we share tips for a healthy lifestyle.

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Free Bollywood Dance Workshop by Priya Chellani in Raleigh on April 12

It Takes a Village: A Night of Cultural Immersion

Friends, check out this awesome event on February 12 “It Takes a Village” by Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. – Omega Lambda Omega Chapter. If you want to have great entertainment and support an important cause, like supporting immigrants and refugees, then this will be a great event! This event will feature exciting entertainment, including food, storytelling, arts and crafts, cultural dances, games, massages, and much more! This event will also feature an exciting Bollywood dance performance and dance workshop by Priya Chellani from Indigo Dance Evolution Academy! Shamim Beauty Parlor is excited to support the brilliant dance art of Priya! Register today!

Learn more about the event here:

Check out a message by Priya:

Please join me on Friday, April 12, for a FREE WORKSHOP, 7.00-8.00 pm @ the Garden on Millbrook, Raleigh. 
I will be doing a fun, begintermediate level Bollywood dance for a very diverse & mixed audience- primarily women.Come, enjoy the music, the dance, have a laugh, relax, enjoy the foods, some nice arts & crafts maybe indulge in a soothing massage!

Learn more about Indigo/ Dance Evolution Academy here:

Shamim Beauty Parlor is a Cary, North Carolina, based hair salon and beauty spa that was established in 2000. We provide quality beauty services at an affordable price, including hair salon services, facial, threading, waxing, and party/wedding make-up.

Check out hundreds of online reviews from our patrons since the last two decades when we started our business in Cary, North Carolina. You can read some of the reviews on GoogleFacebookYelp, and other online sites. You can also check us on Twitter.

We would love to serve you soon! Book an appointment today!

North Carolina Braces for Hurricane Florence

Map displaying Hurricane Matthew trajectory into South Carolina and North Carolina

Image Courtesy of

Hurricane Florence Warning for North Carolina

By the time many folks read this post, North Carolina and other states may already be hit by Hurricane Florence. The National Hurricane Center enhanced Florence to a category 4 storm as reported on September 10th. This will make it the strongest storm to hit North Carolina since storms have been recorded nationally (read more HERE).

Our hometown of Cary, NC, may not be in the path of the storm. Major damage is expected in the Outer Banks. However, inland areas are expected to receive heavy wind. North Carolina Governor, Roy Cooper, has requested the federal government to declare the impending storm as a federal disaster. North Carolina state has ordered residents and tourists in Hatteras Island in Dare County to vacate the Island (read more HERE).

Hurricane Florence brings to memory Hurricane Fran that hit North Carolina in 1996. Fran is considered one of the most devastating storms to hit North Carolina. However, Hurricane Fran was a level 3 storm. This is one category smaller than the impending Hurricane Florence. Hurricane Florence’s track in much similar to Hurricane Fran’s track. It is not surprising that North Carolinians are worried as they await Florence (read more HERE).

Here are some tips on how to prepare for the storm.

Check out a list of supplies, as shared by the Charlotte Observer, that you should store before the storm.

Here are storm preparation tips by Cary Citizen.